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Happy Birthday Party


P.S. しまった!写真とるんだったら、もう少しコーディネートすればよかった!

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Thanks for the recipe.

投稿者 : angela   /  2005年 10月 25日 01:33

Recipe for banana cake

For 1 whole cake

60g butter, softened in room temprature
30g suger (I prefer brown suger)
2 eggs, beaten
80cc milk
200g HOT CAKE MIX(you can get it at Niziya or Mitsuwa)
2 bananas, ripen
1/2 lemon juice
a cake pan, spread by butter or covered with cooking paper inside, preheated 170C

[How to Make]
1.Squash 2 bananas by a folk and sprinkle 1/2 lemon juice.

2. Put butter into a bowl and stir by a whisk until softened. Then, add the sugar and stir until it looks white and softens.

3. Add beaten eggs and milk into the bowl and stir. Then, add Hot Cake Mix and using spatula, stir the mixture to form a smooth, thick batter. Add 2 bananas and stir lightly.

4. Spoon the batter into the prepared cake pan and bake in an oven preheated to170C for about 40 minutes.

投稿者 :  zuckin  /  2005年 10月 23日 22:08

かわいい! なんか、様子が目に浮かびます。手作りケーキも美味しそう。コーディネートしてなくても、可愛いテーブルですよ。

投稿者 : Tohohon   /  2005年 10月 22日 14:56

Dear Masayo
Congradulation to your new blog!
This picture brings back many pleasant memories... especially the moment we had breakfast in your sweet home.

Did you make this banana cake? I wanna try it next time^^

投稿者 :  Angela  /  2005年 10月 22日 01:12






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